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Sockpuppet Theatre

Have you ever been merrily posting away on Snarkfest about your hatred of cheese and thought to yourself Jeez, Self, I really wish another poster hated cheese as much as I do?

Or, perhaps, you have a sooper seekrit shameful obsession that you just can't bring yourself to own under your usual pseudonym? Like, you're addicted to watching YouTube videos of the American Idol tour? (Not that I know anyone who does that. At all.)

These problems are easily solved!

Sockpuppets: Wave of the past present future!

Just think of a totally subtle username, like, say, ihatecheesetoo. Then post away! Agree with yourself! Mock those who don't agree with you! Post your most embarrassing pop cultural habits! Then use your other account to say, "Wow, I thought it was just me!"


Whew. Sorry. Got a bit carried away there.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not suggesting anyone actually create an SF sockpuppet. In fact, for mods' sake, please, please don't.

BUT! Do drop a comment here and tell us all about your ideal sockpuppet! Like, perhaps The Dude's would be altmansux? And I (Miss Moneypenny) would be Miss ReallyPatheticallyLuvsDavidCook?

Who would you be? Sooper seekrit bonus points for creativity and outrageousness!


Beware the Sporks of April!

OMGWTFPOLARBEAR!!!, what's that?!

It's the Valentine Fairy coming to pwn this whole community's collective ass, valentine-style! Pwned ya once, shame on me. Pwned ya four times (with sweets, flowers, cards, and kisses), shame on you! Have a great day (while you rot in hell), snarker friends!


I still hate you all so here are some curses for you:

May the chocolate cause you acne and lead you into sugar comas!
May the flowers irritate your sinuses and awaken your allergies!
May the cards give you papercuts, deep and painful!
May the kisses spread oral herpes!

Re: SFers going to Hell

It seems likely that a large contingent of SFers may find their way to the nethermost regions in due course, so it behooves us to organize ahead of time. Skyblade has appointed himself Evil Mastermind of the Inner Circle, because he is "the most concentrated evil on the board." He suggests lavish cake breaks, and a continuous stream of tacos to his offices. As the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, we need a committee to buy shoes. Organize yourselves in the comments. There's no need buy new luggage, as handbaskets will be provided by management. Unfortunately, Tico Torres is unavailable, but at least seven astral Snapes are on hand for impromptu carnal union (marriage being unavailable Below). All of them are cheating on their Earthly spouses. Kiran has generously offered to provide werewolf (fine ass werewolf), but members should keep in mind that Hell hath no furry like a woman's porn.

In the mean time,

The Greater Good!
Alright, which one of you HOORS broke the site?

Things We Need

1. A tree house
2. T-shirts
3. a fort (separate from the tree house)
4. a seekrit code
5. rotating passwords
6. a seekrit handshake
7. minions
8. torches
9. snacks and beverages
10. tchotchkes featuring our society name